Using The Splice Web Site

What is the Splice Web Site?

The Splice Web Site is the tool you use to browse existing Splices, launch Splice Studio, manage the Splices you create, and more.

The following section walks you through the Splice Web Site's key concepts.


You must register before you can create new Splices. Registration is not required to browse Splices or access many areas of the site.

Note that your Splice registration is separate from your Xignite registration. Registering for Splice will not give you trial access to Xignite Web Services and vice versa. When registering for Splice, you have the option to link your Splice account to your Xignite account if you have one.

My Splices Menu

Once you register, you can start using Splice Studio to create new splices. You can use the My Splices area of the site to manage those Splices. In addition, you can:
  • Manage your account profile.
  • Change your password.
  • Manage the connection to your Xignite account.

Click on the Draft Private, or Public section to access those respective Splices.

Draft Splices

Any Splice you created but have not yet published appears under the Draft Section. There are a few things you can do with Draft Splices:
  • Continue Editing them using Splice Studio.
  • Delete them.
  • Clone them into a new Splice.

Public And Private Splices

Private Splices are those Splices you published but have not yet shared with other users. You can:
  • Continue Editing them using Splice Studio.
  • View their results using your test parameters.
  • Edit Their Properties such as title and description.
  • Delete them.
  • Share them with other Splice users.
  • Clone them into a new Splice.
Public Splices behave are similar to Private Spices but they have additional restrictions. These restrictions are due to the fact they may be used by other users.
  • You cannot change them.
  • You cannot delete them.
  • You cannot share them (since they already are).

Editing Splice Properties

After a Splice is published, you can edit their properties:
  • Title displayed to users when browsing for Splices. The Title is different from the Splice name, which you cannot change and is part of the Splice URL.
  • Description is a free-form area where you can explain what your Splice does and how it can be used.

Sharing Splices

You can make a Private Splice public at any time. Doing so gives you the opportunity to update the Title and Description to make them more palatable for public consumption.

In addition you can define a set of Tags which will be used to help users locate Splices that are relevant to their needs. For instance you can provide Tags that identify the type of data returned by your Splice as well as its possible applications.

Managing Your Account

You access this area by clicking the Xignite link on the Account Links section above. This page lets you choose which registered IP you want to use when testing your Splices. The current IPs you have registered are displayed here.