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Since: Friday, December 07, 2007
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List reporting funds by a range of symbols

Pricing: Requests against this operation count as one hit.
Name Description Required Example
StartSymbol The starting symbol for the range. Yes AA
EndSymbol The ending symbol for the range. Yes AB
Name Description Always Present
Array of Fund Returns an array of funds that match the criteria entered. Yes
FundName The name of the fund. Yes
FundFilingDate The filing date for the fund. Yes
Array of Securities Returns an array of the Securities for the fund. Yes
Instance of Security Each instance represents a security. Yes
CIK The CIK for the security. CIK are SEC identifiers and are only available for firms reporting with the SEC. CIKs are not unique per security. No
Cusip The CUSIP for the security. No
Symbol The symbol for the security. Yes
ISIN The ISIN for the security. No
Valoren The Valoren for the security. No
Name The name for the security. Yes
Market The market for the security. Yes
CategoryOrIndustry The Category Or Industry for the security. Yes