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Since: Friday, December 07, 2007
Type: Xignite Web Service
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Returns a given number of company headlines published most recently.

Pricing: Requests against this operation count as one hit.
Name Description Required Example
Identifier The identifier for the company as determined by the IdentifierType parameter. Yes MSFT

The identifier type. Valid values are:

  • CIK: Identifier is the SEC Central Index Key for the company.
    Use the LookupCIK operation to find the CIK for a company.
  • CUSIP: Identifier is the CUSIP for the company.
    CUSIPS are unique security identifiers managed by The CUSIP Service Bureau .
  • Symbol: Identifier is the symbol for the company, e.g. MSFT, DELL, or ORCL.
    Supports multiple Symbologies, check here for details.
  • ISIN: Identifier is the ISIN 12-character alpha numeric code identifying a security.
  • Valoren: Identifier is the Valoren number assigned to a Swiss financial instrument.
Yes Symbol
Count The number of headlines to return. Yes 10
Name Description Always Present
Array of SecurityHeadlines Returns an array of Security Headlines. Yes
Instance of SecurityHeadlines Each instance represents a list of headlines specific to a security. Yes
Instance of Security Each instance represents a security. Yes
CIK The CIK for the security. CIK are SEC identifiers and are only available for firms reporting with the SEC. CIKs are not unique per security. No
Cusip The CUSIP for the security. No
Symbol The symbol for the security. Yes
ISIN The ISIN for the security. No
Valoren The Valoren for the security. No
Name The name for the security. Yes
Market The market for the security. Yes
CategoryOrIndustry The Category Or Industry for the security. Yes
Array of SecurityHeadline Returns an array of security headlines for the security. Yes
Instance of SecurityHeadline Each instance represents a headline for a security. Yes
ReleaseId The ID for the release. This number is unique. It is used to retrieve the release content using the GetReleaseContent operation. Yes
Title The Title of the release. Yes
Date The date and time the release was published (Eastern Standard Time). Yes
Instance of Source Each instance represents a source for a press release. Yes
SourceType The source type for the press release. Yes
Type The type of press release (RSS release, or Filing Type for SEC releases). Yes
Url The original URL for the press release. Yes
Reference An optional reference to the release specific to the source. No

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